Beyoncé - Orisha Oshun

Having had nothing better to do last night I watched the Grammys for the first time ever. There were only a few celebrities that I was familiar with. With 9 nominations, Beyoncé was the most nominated female artist last night. Yes, I have been impressed with Beyoncé before, not so much by her singing, but her personality, her seeming kindness, coupled with daring. Her absolutely owning the power and the beauty of her own body. Beyoncé in her first public appearance since pregnant with twins stunned with her epic celebration of motherhood, fertility and female power through the generations as she embodied the Yoruba Orisha Oshun. Check out Beyoncé's site yourself for more stunning photos of her from yesterday's spectacle at the Grammys.

Motherhood is an especially powerful theme when taken under water. While on Beyoncé's site I discovered these most amazing, stunningly beautiful photos of herself, posted only earlier this month. Beyoncé's images are of a purity that allows us to celebrate the female powers of sensuality and elevates us women all throughout the ages.

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