SCROTUS, our "So-Called Ruler of the United States" behaves not normal, he ought to be evaluated psychiatrically. American citizens deserve a competent leader in charge of all faculties. We are not talking about normal as in conventional, we are concerned about normal as grounded in consensual reality. We are concerned about serious and disabling, not to say embarrassing personality disorders. This puerile "twitterer-in-chief" lies through his teeth be that about the size of his adoring crowd or the amount of opposition to the Dakota Access Pipe Line (DAPL.) This illegitimate "ruler" has the temerity to claim he got no phone calls of opposition while he shut down the White House phone lines, while, in plain sight on twitter, his favorite playground, the world is up in arms against more governmental abuse of Native Americans by for-profit corporations all too willing to risk environmental damage.

Most Republicans shut down their phone lines due to a deluge of calls from concerned citizens that are outraged at confirmation hearings of not properly vetted, unqualified candidates seemingly chosen only for their monetary contributions and their expressed disdain for the institutions they are supposed to head. Shame on all Democratic Senator that gave their consent to any of those outrageously unqualified candidates. None should have been acceptable, not one of them.

The bully lives in a fact-free world where he seems to base his opinions on the consumption of faux news intent on spreading conspiracy theories. If only it were all a joke, we could wake up laughing, but alas, the man is very dangerous and should alarm us all. John Oliver has come up with an answer that is real, yet soaked in much needed comic relief, please watch to the very end. 


  1. FOX News calls it lies:

  2. The truth is the most essential common good in any democracy. Trump is eroding it in three ways.
    1. He’s telling big lies, repeatedly, about what has occurred in our democracy -- his claims of a “landslide victory” and “massive voter fraud,” for example.
    2. He’s making it harder for Americans to get access to scientific facts – putting gag orders on scientists at the EPA and energy departments, for example, and removing data from department websites.
    3. He’s attempting to control the agencies in charge of ferreting out the truth. For example, Trump loyalist and Wall Street billionaire Stephen A. Feinberg will lead a broad review of American intelligence agencies. (Feinberg’s only experience with national security matters is his firm’s stakes in a private security company and two gun makers.)
    This could curtail the agencies’ independence and reduce the flow of information that contradicts Trump's views on the Iran nuclear deal, the utility of NATO, how best to combat Islamist militancy, and Vladimir V. Putin. It also means more direct White House control over America’s spies at a time when Trump’s ties to Putin are under investigation by the F.B.I. and congressional committees.
    Trump is intent on squelching the truth. We must not let him. - Robert Reich via fb