Sumo Turned A Corner Thanks To CBD Oil

Sumo turned a corner so it seems. After barely eating, becoming all skin-and-bones and looking terribly fragile, our Sumo-boy regained his lust for food after his fever, probably from an infection related to a large tumor in his lower abdomen, broke.
Sumo has been on 125 Mg CBD oil, 3 droppers/day imported from my country of origin, Switzerland, of all places and 
Phytocillin, an herbal antibiotic, 6 drops 3 x day.
Tripe, unfrozen, one square at a time, mixed with pumpkin or tripe from a can (Tripett brand from New Zealand in various flavors) is what I mostly have been feeding Sumo by hand. After 2 weeks, Sumo ate a meal on his own for the very first time. His energy has been up and down, just when I thought that our boy was getting better, next day he seemed worse, low energy, barely able to walk, but sometimes by the evening or a day later, surprisingly, Sumo would lead us once again on our walks with this characteristic, determined spring in his steps. He is weak, so we rest frequently and we take whatever time needed. Of course, I am happy to carry Sumo on our walks, but mostly he comes along on his own. Nights he has been sleeping on my side under the covers as I keep repeatedly checking his bony body for the movement of his breath. After the exhausting ups and downs, I am now cautiously optimistic. Questions remain, what's next?

I have been a proponent for the decriminalization of marijuana for a long time. No doubt, people of color have been targeted disproportionately by the war on drugs and by keeping marijuana in a ridiculously high classification of drugs where it simply does not belong. While I have witnessed the adverse effects of dope on some folks close to me over an extended time, I still believe it does not even come close to the adverse effects alcohol has on our society. So the legalization of marijuana has taken on a surprisingly personal urgency for us as Sumo seems to have greatly benefitted from the CBD oil which in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is dispensed legally and without the necessity of a doctor's prescription.

The other day a friend posted this in regard to her dog and the seeming benefit of CBD oil: "About two months ago my little dog was diagnosed with cancer. Tumors on his liver, small intestine, and enlarged lymph nodes. He was given 2 to 4 months to live… 6 maximum. I started doing research and decided to give him a combination of CBD, which is a hemp/cannabis derivative that has no psychoactive effect. I also gave him turmeric extract. Over the next 2 months his appetite came back, his digestion improved significantly, he gained a pound and a half (which is significant for a 17 pound dog) and his energy returned. He is now running and playing like a puppy. Today I took him back to the vet. His main tumor is the same size. His enlarged nodes are back to normal. His small intestine tumor is gone. I am in a state of happy shock." -

CBD Central description of some of the benefits of CBD oil:

Poor immune system – Endocannabinoids can act as immunomodulators and neuromodulators in the immune system. Cannabidiol is considered as an efficient immune system booster and helps the body fight infections.

Pain – The powerful substance can help relieve pains brought about by the conditions related to multiple sclerosis. It also alleviates other pains that are caused by inflammation and muscle spasms. Cannabidiol is regarded as an effective analgesic that is also helpful in relieving pains both chronic and acute. It is a cost-effective pain reliever compared to many analgesics available in the market.

Inflammation – There are many kinds of inflammation that are relieved by the anti-inflammatory properties of Cannabidiol. It is very effective in the treatment of Rheumatoid arthritis and other pains of the joints. Aside from relieving pains, it is also known to be effective in curing and reversing the symptoms.

Nausea – The endocannabinoid system has its own mechanism of combating nausea, vomiting, and other symptoms of motion sickness. Cannabidiol also greatly enhances the system’s function in reducing nausea caused by chemotherapy and other cancer-related treatments.

Bacterial infections – The potent Cannabidiol and the endocannabinoids have antibacterial properties which make them helpful in treating all kinds of infections caused by bacteria. They also have anti-fungal properties which make them equally effective in treating all kinds of fungal infections.