With Maher 100%

Absolutely yes, we have an urgent need for Liberal Purists (I am not one of them) to learn the difference between an imperfect friend and an enemy. Yet, still, DNC shenanigans are brought forth as excuses for not having voted for her, Hillary. For the sake of future elections, get a grip! 

Gorsuch already placed the deciding vote on the recent killing spree in Arkansas where they were intent on clearing out their death row in one big swoop, in one week, with the use of drugs about to expire! Gorsuch placed the deciding vote on the denial of a DNA test, that is on everyone that took a gamble by either voting for him or not voting for her. Ultra-conservative Gorsuch would not be on the Supreme Court if we had more voters able to hold a big picture and perceive nuances.

Trump-Care, an abomination of a proposed bill by, yep, you guessed it mainly old white & rich men, would do away with pre-existing conditions and have seniors pay as much as 6 x the normal insurance rate, in effect guarantee that I would never ever enjoy the benefits of insurance, ever. Trump-Care-lessness would also have a devastating effect on more rural hospitals, such as ours here in Santa Fe in the poor state of New Mexico, when needs will outpace the ability of patients to pay. Trump-Carelessness would take away funding for Planned Parenthood from clinics I have gotten excellent care from for decades, I am not talking abortions. This monstrosity of a bill would never have passed the House as it just did with her at the helm. While Hillary could not be fully trusted to support Single Payer healthcare, I assume because she of all people does know the mindset of the far right that opposes what the majority of people want, I would be so happy to settle for incremental change for a bit longer then having to witness what is unfolding and the dire suffering so much of this will cause.

I am so upset with those that still insist not voting for Hillary was the right thing to do yet refuse to take any blame in what we have got now. Get some perspective, learn to hold the long-term goals in mind & heart, rather than demand instant gratification, appreciate the nuances. We need to do better, a whole lot better in the future.

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