Happy Harvest Full Moon!

This morning's loot: Flowers from the Community Garden and apples picked from the neighbor's tree, with express permission, as they have been overwhelmed with too much goodness. They are a bit over ripe and infested, but supposedly very good. 

By the afternoon a rainstorm had grown powerful enough to shatter my pretty boutquet and leave my tallest glass vase in pieces, so the flowers are in a holy mess now. But my new rain barrel that had been sitting there for weeks on empty is now overflowing. We need the moisture, the fall colors seemed to seriously suffer from our dry spell. 

So Happy Harvest Full Moon! The intensity of our weather seems to correlate perfectly with the current astrological symbolism (Moon, Jupiter, and Uranus in Pisces.) 

"Your glass-bottom boat that allows you to observe your own and the collective "sea life" is your higher mind--lower mind just rocks the boat! This Is how Astrologer Alan Oken puts it and he warns that relationship issues, often conflicts, are likely once the Moon moves in to it's fullness in Aries to oppose the Sun in Libra on the 23. tomorrow.

Meanwhile Astrologer Dana Gerhardt invites to a little moon magic and asks us to bath in this special Harvest Moon light and ask ourselves the question of what it is we might want to manifest in these coming 3 months. And then watch for the answers in what happens to the moon. If the light brightens we can take that as a resounding yes, if clouds are moving across we may reconsider. And according to Dana, we have always the choice to redo the whole exercise and start over as this powerful time is to last for at least 3 days. But what if no moon is visible as stormy weather reins?


  1. While these apples no longer look great, I can attest to their tasting delicious. I made pies for 3 of my neighbors. Mind you I am not the kind to do so, this is rather unusual for me. I sure hope they will like my healthy style of baking.

  2. I was right to pick from the garden as the rainstorm has been intense all day long.

  3. The harvest moon brought rain to Portland as well, but I didn't get any apples picked or pies made. I see what I want to manifest in the next three months, and I am going for it, no matter what the moon does, but it would be nice to have her on my side. Happy harvest moon to you, Uomi!