Few Personal Favorites

Below, in my earlier posts, I shared with you two of my images most popular on flickr maybe the world's largest photo sharing site. Now I want to share with you, whoever you are, some of my personal favorite images. It is one thing to capture a thing of beauty, like a sunset or an antique entry and a whole other thing to discover beauty where there had seemed to been none. That discovery is one of several aspects that I love in the process of looking at my world through a lens. 

Heavy Equipment in soft early morning light can look amazingly beautiful, and believe me, that was a revelation, a true eye opener, after all I am a woman with zero interest in mucho macho male tools or toys.

I would pass our pottery studio many times, but with this image below, for the first time ever I noticed the sun and chose an advantageous time of day for my image that to me shows beauty where so often I had seen none before.
Light is of the essence, certainly in photography. One early morning my neighbor, by chance, invited me in to her home with my camera, free to snap away. Nothing was arranged, nothing was planned. Miss Pearl, as I like to call her, thinks of her home as rustic, I would call it artistic.
Claire de Lune meanwhile claimed inability to live without beauty. Something about  having captured two very different works of art of her choice together, shows also something of the essence of the home owner. Something of her fierceness, despite her advanced age, yet soft vulnerability, along with her common sense that lets her so to say 'chop wood and carry water' and live on her own in her own gorgeous, I might ad round home.
Finally, for now, the next image, one of my first takes with my then brand new Nikon, I almost missed, almost passed by, but instead I back tracked, took a good look and snapped away, Isabella was still a puppy on lead in my one hand, camera in the other. I had been accused of sitting on the fence. This image makes it plain that fences can be reasonably comfortable and might be preferable to charging ahead without proper foresight. This dragon never fails to make me smile. To be able to seize an opportunity, to stop, look (and listen to the inner response) to be present to what is and surrounds us are skills to be practiced by any mensch, much less photographer, ad infinitum.

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