GLBT Pride

A perfect day to celebrate pride 
after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
signed in to law the legalization of same sex marriages, 
to take effect in 30 days.
"Marriage is a wonderful institution, 
but who wants to live in an institutio­n?"
Groucho Marx
  " Gay marriage? Haven't those people suffered enough?!"
Alec Baldwin Tweet
 Joy Behar's two word advise:
Pre. Nup.
I agree.
 While New Yorker were dancing in the streets,
the Swiss denied the right to adopt to same sex couples!
 While I have wondered
about all that Sturm und Drang for marriage,
while about half will end up in divorce,
to deny a needy child loving parents is simply moronic.
 A walk on the wild side.
 Gay, Lesbian,
 Bisexual, Transexual
 Yes, the bullying has to stop!
In memory of my Swiss buddy
who had to endure many a beating.
Equal Rights For All!

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