"In tough economic times people get creative. 
They fall back on old and proven methods." 

For this rancher spinning is a meditation. His spinning wheel is considered a beginners one, but the bigger spindel suits him just fine and he appreciates how the wheel fits just right in to his pick-up truck. His booth, part of the artist market right across from the farmers market on Saturdays, holds photos of his sheep.

Stereotyping be damned; men can spin 
and women no longer have to!

P.S: in Swiss-German "Schpinner" would also translate in to meaning "idiot", more specifically to someone crazy, or someone that creates a web of lies. The term was used frequently in it's derogatory meaning in my growing up years. So it tickles me to think of it in new ways, in appreciative ways, in ways where life is approached in a more old fashioned, slower, more contemplative manner. A life where status is not of utmost importance. But being down to earth and real, maybe even self sufficient, is where it's at. The times they are changing and so are the meanings of words as language  and humanity evolve and this makes me chuckle.

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