1 Year Anniversary!

Pancho and Lizzie

 Today, September 7th, the Schnauzer pups are 1 year old.
Yesterday, up on the mountain, a coyote was in hot pursuit
probably of Lizzie, the smallest and slowest of the pack.
Eric managed to return his Schnauzers safe inside his car.
The coyote had followed them,
while the Schnauzers stayed blissfully unaware 
of the danger they had just survived.

Pancho and Lizzie


  1. They are so sweet. Even if I like my dogs big, I can appreciate such little terrors.

    PS I only ever eat free-range chickens' eggs.
    PPS I saw the pictures of the runaway cow on German TV; she went into an absolute panic before they got her into the van to take her to her new pasture.

  2. Living in the English country side, I expected nothing less, but most are not so fortunate. Chicken and eggs are raised in atrocious commercial circumstances.

    Thanks for the update on this cow, I hope their is contented bliss for this beast - until it's demise of natural causes.

    Bonnie (post July 17. 2010) also loved her dogs big, yet her little Rat Terrier fits her life style very nicely. We can not underestimate the importance of fitting pet needs to the life styles of their guardians.

    Thanks for taking a moment to comment Friko.