Abolish The Death Penalty Already!

Amnesty International reports:
46 prisoners – 45 men and 1 woman – were put to death in the USA only this year, as of today.
By this evening 1 more male got executed in Texas!
This brought to 1,234 the total number of executions carried out since the US Supreme Court lifted a moratorium on the death penalty in 1976.

In a matter of minutes, this number will go up if the institutional killing of Troy Davis will progress as scheduled.

Texas executed 24 people during 2010 and in June carried out its 200th execution under the current governor, Rick Perry, who claimed to never have lost any sleep over any executions.

9 were released from death rows on grounds of innocence during 2010, bringing to more than 130 the number of such cases since 1976.

In March 2010, New Mexico became the USA’s 15th abolitionist state under then Governor Richardson - D, who found it in his heart to reverse his position during his last term of service. In 2011 Governor Martinez - R made attempts to reverse this hard won achievement.

hard-hearted, wrong-headed

The USA needs to grow up and realize that revenge is not an acceptable response to crime and it is most certainly not a deterrent. Institutional killing is wrong! A wild west mentality has no place in a psychologically sophisticated modern society. The blatant disregard for life is deeply troubling and shows up throughout American culture, we have to look no further then to how our breakfast eggs are produced.

Troy Davis, male and black never had a fighting chance. Of 9 eyewitnesses, 7 recanted! One juror did testify that if he had been given all the info he would never have found Troy Davis guilty, the jury would have been hung! The weapon was never found. NO DNA. The doubts of his guilt are so severe, even staunch supporters of the death penalty agree that this man should not be executed. I really wish for those that upheld this verdict to have to stand trial and take responsibility themselves for their action or rather inaction, if ever proof of innocence be produced. Would judges and juries be so quick to condemn if they knew they would be held culpable for errors? Death has no room for errors!

I will never understand what makes supposed Christians that are under a tenet of thou shalt not kill amenable to killing off criminals, even those with questionable guilt or comprehension capacity? For that matter I do not understand what makes supposed Christians advance righteously in to foreign territory to wage war in supposed self defense? As a liberal I can only suppose a lack of education  of mind and heart.

Troy Davis will not be killed in my name, I protest! 



Supreme Court Refused To Block Execution! 10:20 pm 

9.21.2011 23:08 PM


Not In My Name Pledge - Amnesty International

atrocious, barbaric, immoral, psychologically immature, uncivilized, wrong

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