Los Banditos

The Gang: Flashy, Lizzie, Vasco, Isabella, Sumo, Pancho - Ellie is amiss.
Vasco, the patriarch of the Schnauzers, the Daddy, suffered a knee injury,  a torn Meniscus, maybe worse, before he got rescued by Eric. Recently he started to limp and received Prolotherapy.  Only 2 weeks later the wiggle in Vasco's knee came down from 34% to 15%, impressive! Soon those two athletes will be back to running their 12 miles, usually every other day. It has been hard on both.
But for a little while longer Eric will carry Vasco up and down hills and restrict Vasco's activity to short walks on lead 
to which high energy Vasco adjusted surprisingly well.
Isabella will allow the puppies only so much play with Sumo
before she asserts her claim on her boy-toy.
The Terrible Terriers take over the God Park.
There is power in numbers, watch out!

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