The Place NOT to be - WALMART!

- Research has shown Walmart pays an average wage of just $8.81/hour for their sales associates.
- Walmart is the world's largest private employer, with more then 21 million employees 
   (14 million associates in the US alone.)
- Despite the economy, Walmart continues to be profitable with 16.4 billion in net income for fiscal 2010.
- CEO  Mike Duke's compensation in 2010 was 18.7 million
- Walmart has been consistently anti-union.
- Walmart pays nothing ($0.00) in state corporate taxes in New Mexico
- For every dollar spent in a locally owned business, 45 cents stay within our Santa Fe economy.
- For every dollar spent in a non-local business, only 13 cents stay in our community.
- Locally owned business recycle a higher percentage of profits back into the local economy.
- Two major chains, when compared with local businesses, gave 75% less to charities than locally    
  owned businesses.

I have avoided Walmart for decades, but I will admit that many items can not be found from a local source, much less for a competitive price. So, if you do decide to shop at Walmart, at least do so not blindly, but know the facts, know the high cost of cheap shopping. (The above info was taken from  a Walmart Fact sheet off the internet.)

Our upcoming legislative session is the place to finally plug those corporate loopholes as regards  fair taxation and in so doing give local businesses a fair chance and the local economy a boost.

Finally the holidays are about people, not things. No need to shop 'til you drop. Just say no!

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