Tom, Traveler and Banjo Player

Only two days in town, Tom may be staying a few more days before moving on. For tonight, Tom will be heading to the Occupy encampment. This kid (at some point anyone under thirty seems to be still a kid) has been on the road for 6 years (since 21 years old.) Tom is a musician who lugs around a banjo (and a fiddle?) His musical roots come from Ska, but while he grew up  in Vegas, NV, surrounded by Rastas, he never became one himself. 

I think Tom looks cute despite, or maybe because of his eccentric style. Tom uses a mineral oil based salve for styling his moustache (or Zwirbelbart, Schnurrbart.) Was this style not fashionable in the eighteen hundreds? I believe Wilhelm Bush, the German poet, writer and painter wore a similar look. Tom was hanging out on the plaza as I was walking by with my pups. One of the advantages of getting older is the freedom to talk to any stranger at most any time and place. Tom was a delight, I wish him well, happy trails!

Update: As of Saturday December 3. Tom is still at the camp which experienced first snow a little bit more then a sprinkle, last night. Thankfully the forecast for an outright serious storm did not manifest, not so far, but currently the snow is falling and I hope they all stay safe and warm enough.

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