Occupy Santa Fe

Occupy Santa Fe has grown to now feature two generators, two solar panels, a media tent, a good size tent used by the kitchen, and since this morning a large tent to accommodate good sized groups of activists for general assemblies, teach-ins and working groups. A circle of individual and community tents fill in a good size circle that is the occupation site. We are lucky to have bathrooms available near by along with 2 outhouses placed by order of our Major.

Occupy Santa Fe now has a website that features forums and the various working groups anyone can participate in, once signed in with WordPress. Of course Occupy Santa Fe can be found on facebook, twitter and also on flickr.

As of yesterday Occupy Santa Fe raised $2500. There is now an account with Del Norte Credit Union.

Tomorrow Occupy Santa Fe will partake in a nation wide action "Move Your Money". For that purpose a protest will be held in front of Bank of America and Wells Fargo on St. Michael's Drive, starting 9 in the morning. If you have not yet moved your money out of the major banks and are not yet motivated to do so, you may check on these 10 reasons to get inspired. If you have moved your money already, like I did ages ago, fed up with the treatment I got, still show up at a demonstration near you and lend your body to a worthy cause.
 This action will be followed by teach-ins and trainings, check the Events page for details.

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