Today's Tidbits

I snatched away a garish purple balloon flower about to be discarded by a mom and passed it on a little ways down the road to a blond little, lanky, timid boy - little pleasures that bring on big smiles.

Checking out at the fruit and vegetable store, a guy entered and asked for eight, yep 8 carry out plastic bags. I mentioned the exhibit at the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich that featured humongous amounts of plastic trash recovered from the ocean. He told me to get a life. I should have told him to get an environmental conscience.

I am for calling each other out on unacceptable behavior as long as it is done with civility. I myself was about to walk out with the plastic bag of groceries, despite the two bags I had brought, but caught myself and repackaged.

My last tidbit of the day, I got once again a security guy at our park to help me move those heavy metal benches back in to their proper places. Visual peace of mind is nothing to sneer at, the act contributed greatly to my well being for that moment, alas those moments never last.

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