New Mexico Boys

7 Year old 1. graders hard at play 
outside the farmers market all morning,
while their parents were busy selling produce 
Saturday before Thanks Giving.

First thing they asked me was about my gold tooth,
kids will always be kids, 
bless them for their honesty.

Soon the native kid had me watch his little sister
who had earlier almost escaped in to the street.
Those boys had a ball, 
well not really a ball, 
but a toy that served them as a ball.

I asked them about their home work,
they said they did not have any. 
How come?
I remember homework in 1. grade.

Eventually they got tired,
so they collapsed to the ground.
Lo-and-behold - pebbles,
they can be thrown over one's head!
Boys have never lacked a sense of silliness.
I must say, with relief,
 they refrained from throwing 
pebbles at me, my camera,
or anyone else.

The smile in my portrait below
was inspired by these two boys.

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