Rachel Maddow (msnbc) brought it home to me:
We are not going to reverse Roe versus Wade.
We are not going to repeal Obamacare,
nobody will be refused insurance due to prior conditions.
Medicare will not be turned in to a voucher system
We are not going to spend more on the military
than it asked for.
We are not self deporting.
We are not going to start a trades war with China.
We are not going to bring Dick Cheney back.
Nate Silver was right.
Romney was wrong.
We now hear that Romney was shell shocked by the results.
Bill Maher says it like only he can: 'When even Michele Bachmann can't run as a proud Republican, your brand identification has reached "pink slime" territory." 

Romney lost in all four of his home states: MI, MA, NH, CA.
Obama won in both his home states: HI and IL. 

Romney was so deluded, he never even considered losing. He had no concession speech on hand. Imagine him and his realizing the extent of their delusions, oh it goes so much further and deeper then this election. He must have believed in god having ordained him to the presidency of the United States. His house of cards must have collapsed, his mind ought to have a rare opportunity to glance a peak at Maya, the world of illusion and the world of projections we all live in. Romney's spiritual advancement though is a concern between him and his god. 

My world has just gotten a little bit saner with the resounding defeat of Romney's and the extreme repugnant Republican's right wing agenda. 
Mrs. Obama in Kenya, our President's Grandmother
Tammy Duckworth (D) a disabled Iraq War veteran was elected to represent the 8th congressional district of Illinois in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Same sex marriage is on it's way in and so is decriminalization of pot. 
The '3 strikes - you are out', or is it in (prison) rule got relaxed in California.
Romney will not get to appoint the next Supreme Court Justices, instead we will be able to rely on our President's good judgment on a matter of extreme importance due to the long lasting effects of those positions.
Bush has done enough damage, his administration's advisors will not be able to continue their ill fated attempts at dominating the world to benefit US interests, based on US exceptionalism.


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