see ya at THE FLEA

 The good news:
The Flea Market is back,
in the Railyard,
across from the Farmers Market!
 The bad news:
Walt, the manager, had to be called in to action.
The trouble was that the turkeys had taken over!
Yes, it is the Saturday before Thanks Giving.
Pollo, our best source of local, 
sustainable, organic meat
 brought in a truck load of dead birds,
ready to be schmorred.

(Schmorred goes with Schmarotzer
and Schmorgasboard, such as can be found
on display at a Thanks Giving dinner.
If it is not a word, it should be,
especially for this upcoming holiday.)

So those turkeys, even though dead,
had spilled over in to the walk way 
and obstructed safe passage
across the railroad tracks 
 toward the flea market.

Vendors were abuzz.
Anxiety abounded
over lost opportunities
to make a fortune.
Walt was called to the rescue. 
Poor Walt showed no eagerness to intervene.
Really nothing could be done.
After all, this is New Mexico,
The Land of Enchantment.

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