My Breakfast Table Today

Pancakes topped with yesterday's currants,
picked at our nearby public park
(no pesticides allowed!)

Goat butter may just be my discovery of the year, I love it!
It allows me to use my new cast iron pans on my new stove without burning 
or sticking, a dilemma I grappled with for the past 16 months. 
I can even flip the darn cake,
and I am left with a nice golden crust.
Goat butter does not stink of goat at all,
sorry, I am not a fan of goat cheese or milk,
no matter how healthy it may be for us.
I like it so much better then Ghee, or clarified butter, which does stink,
terribly, left out in a pan for a bit too long.
Goat butter works much better for me then olive- or sesame oil.
I learned ages ago to avoid heating olive oil, 
I do believe it is best used cold over salads and such.

I am experimenting with alternatives to the organic rice milk I have been using.
Coconut milk is what I added to my coffee and my pancakes today.
Dr. Weil has been on the fence on coconut butter 
in regard to heart and vascular health and so am I.
The taste is fine, but beware of the additives.
Almond milk does not taste great to me.
Produced mostly in California for us Americans at least,
it requires a lot of water in now a drought stricken state.
Not the most environment friendly choice anymore!

The lettuce shows up on my table because it needs to be potted
and yes, I do have a small bowl of compost on my breakfast table.

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