Tashi 1.25.2000 - 6.4.2015

Tashi was born up on the Ortiz mountains 
and roamed it freely for most of his life.
Today we may have had our last walk together along the Santa Fe river.
Tashi looks like a wolf, may be a hybrid
and is the dog of what used to be my best friend and is now my boss.

Tashi moves so smooth and strong and really determined,
but he suffers from tumors.
Tomorrow it will be his time to move over that supposed rainbow bridge.
Sad, so very sad.

I love those eyes that can barely see anything anymore.
Tashi had a most excellent life
that held a lot of love,
being bit by a mountain lion,
and adjusting to life in the city with surprising ease.

Tashi will be missed and never forgotten.

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