Finally, I buried this sculpted mischievous head of clay in a crevice at a playground yesterday, the morning kids had a special invite for supervised sand play. Last year I had found two such heads in the gutter outside our clay & pottery studio. I imagined I had saved a lost work of art from an oncoming rain storm, hah, they had been placed there on purpose to be found by kids. Those heads had already gone through the fire and become impervious to moisture. Of course, I had recognized the artist right away. I had watched a slight man diligently at work outside the studio on fascinating whole figurines of clay, so I would pause, maybe chat, then move on to walk my dogs. I love how the pottery studio in its peaceful setting along our railyard tracks seems to always bustle with creative energy and since their renovation affords us now an interesting view on working artisans and their creations through huge glass windows. The artist, a proud father, explained that he and his daughter, a grown, very talented woman, created a head each, then placed them in the gutter on purpose to be found they had hoped by kids. The kind man insisted I keep those tiny busts.

Well, all along I had this idea of placing those heads for kids younger than myself to find, while I might lure nearby to capture their expressions. So, yesterday finally, I buried those heads in some sand between rocks in hopes they would bring some unexpected excitement. Now hanging around to watch was another matter, there are only so many hours in the day, sad to say. By the evening no more heads were to be discovered.

Till Eulenspiegel?

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