Homeless On A Walker!

1,200 people are currently homeless in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
They sleep in arroyos and parks, they surf on couches,
some occasionally housesit!
This man took a snooze at the park across from the farmers market.
He used to be my immediate next door neighbor in the eighties.
Worked as a waiter, had a girlfriend, a great smile and a glimmer in his eyes.
The twinkles in his eyes have been disappearing. 
Life on the streets is tough.
He probably helped a farmer set up in the early morning
then headed over to the park to relieve his hurting back. 
On disability, not yet old, I have seen him push a walker of late.
He looks so miserable and so vulnerable.
Occasionally he has thrown some tantrums, 
kicked some cans or bottles, muttered and cursed.
He rejects the institutional help available to him.
Homelessness on a walker does take it to another level yet.

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