In The Land Of Enchantment

Up above 8,000 feet, we meandered in a wondrous, magical forest.

We chose the path less travelled and managed to avoid those hoards of aspen viewers 
that are currently roaming the mountain, mainly on well-worn paths, more like highways, 
that afford better views, but lack the quiet and peace of our preferred trails.

Onward and toward - the light. 

Nature's awesome twists and turns in a melange of aspen leaves turned golden 
against a deep blue sky of a high desert mountain.

Returning to our starting point, the parking/picnic area, Sumo fell into despair, 
sat on the table and started to shiver and shake in a desperate plea for pity. 
Nope, Sumo was not ready to climb back into our VW vanagon and leave.
Sumo would not budge!

So off we did go on another round, only the two of us.

While Isabella was pacified with some treats inside the van,
she really should not move too much so as not to aggravate her hip,
 Sumo got more chances to leave his marks.

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