Snow at last! A very wet, heavy and messy snow.  I hope my pups bladders are strong and can wait for relief for a good while longer. Meanwhile, I will take out their home cooked favorite food (chicken innards with sweet potatoes) to mollify them. Living with three furry ones in one open studio is a challenge during and after snow and rain storms. My pups do know how to stay put and dry out on a towel at the ready for them on our return home. My little guy, Sumo, good at avoiding puddles will likely need a bath upon return home from our current mess. Ah, I do remember those times when fresh snow was exciting, when a wooden sled was near, and a lot of fun was to be had right across the field and up on the hill. 

These days I fail to feel the sense of equanimity my little laughing buddha so perfectly displays, but year after year his snow covered happy face delights and inspires me nonetheless. 

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