Make America great again for whom I was asked and it got me thinking.

- PATRIARCHY of course, so the world will run again as God intended.

- Almighty God, who intended for white men to dominate the world.

- BUSINESSES, so they can once again pay the least to make the most, unencumbered by stupid rules for the protection of workers.

- THE RICH, so they get richer.

- THE KIDS, so they will once again learn what it means to obey

- WOMEN, so we can send them back to the kitchen, to making babies and to bleeding from their 'where-evers' without interfering in important men's business such as the ruling and the raping of the world.

- ARTISTS - so they can struggle once again as it is becoming for them, rather than suck at the federal tit which made them only lazy and lousy.

- UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS, so they can once again be criminalized and marginalized, abused and exploited with no recourse.

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