Resist! Boycott The Inauguration

For the record, I do not consent to this inauguration. I did not vote for him, I voted for her. He does not represent me. He surely has not earned my trust much less my goodwill.

As a once illegal immigrant who had overstayed my visa, I strongly object to the criminalization of undocumented immigrants. Most come to the US only to seek a better life and avoid any entanglements with the authorities. Let it be known that for the common man or woman, the ones with no special skills, and no fat wallets, there are no lines to wait in for their turns for legal immigration. This supposed waiting in line to get ones proper turn is a myth, a convenient story some Americans like to tell each other so as to justify their rejection of immigrants that after all have made the US into what it is, a country that thrives on its diversity.  The haves protecting themselves from the have-nots, lacking compassion and goodwill toward those less fortunate. It is really ugly when the wrath turns on refugees truly in need of mercy and an outstretched helping hand.

I am truly appalled by this man's indecency, be it by his mocking another man with a disability, or by boasting about groping women's private parts, or attacking women that oppose him on their looks.

No, I do not approve of his showmanship, that takes pleasure in firing people after he gets them going into fierce and ugly competitions. I do not appreciate beauty pagans either where women strut barely clad in front of a voyeuristic audience that always rates those female external and inconsequential assets. 

The thought of his wife to become our First Lady is nauseating as those pics of her supposed high-end modeling look more like soft porn and can not be unseen. The memory of his wife in her first public speech to have plagiarized our real, intelligent and eloquent First Lady would be comical, if only. This wife of his accused of having worked in the US illegally, modeling before she was granted her official work visa is the icing on this cake, on this man's tirade against immigrants. Immigrants he not only hires when they are cheaper but married when it was convenient.

He rode in on a tidal wave of people's unacknowledged anger and frustration. He cast himself as the savior and bamboozled too many fed up with the system to vote for him. Those voters will have a rough awakening when they figure that they were had. They put the 1%, the very tip of our plutocracy in charge, which will not look pretty.

Already things are in the works, Obamacare to be dismantled with no alternative, Europe to be destabilized, our public lands to be offered for privatized profiteering, our public schools to be defunded and to be tainted with Christian teachings of the worst kind,  our unions to be weakened still, and our institutional protections from abuse to be abolished. This will not be the change the 90% were hoping for.

I do not consent to this farce of an inauguration. I will boycott the whole sordid affair. I pledge to not watch, to not engage, to not acknowledge this spectacle. He is not my President. He is a careless, reckless, impulsive, mean-spirited, cruel puerile man with no care for others, for me or you. I expect he will do a lot of harm and give us regular folks a lot of grief. He will set us back, but he will not defeat us. He is leading a dying breed of old white guys mainly, the patriarchy, afraid of losing their power and their privileges, which they will eventually. The numbers are on our side. They are the minority, never forget!

Don’t watch. Don’t listen. Don’t legitimize. 

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