Quintessential Santa Fe

On the first day of Spring, the day after my neighbor's Aspen tree buds burst open and we all then had to deal with an assault of thunder, hail and another snow storm that delivered again inches of very dry snow, I felt blessed to take our evening walk under a blue and sunny sky on roads that had mostly dried by the end of our first day of Spring. Heading back home this is what we encountered:

Quintessential Santa Fe

I was enchanted by this quintessential Santa Fe look: The magic golden light just before the sun sets with the very long shadows. An almost deserted plaza even on a Saturday evening offering plenty of space even downtown. And a Mariachi band that played with gusto and skill so that even I could enjoy this style of entertainment. I felt delighted to be in the right place at the right time where the eyes and ears got their due.

Quintessential Santa Fe

Notice the light off the buttons on the musicians costumes, such a feast for the eyes with the Governor's Palace making a perfect background.

Mariachi Band

They say now happiness is contagious and so is misery. Experiencing this scene made me feel delighted, despite having had to go out and walk the dogs in still frigid air. The charms are many in the Land of Enchantment or - Entrapment.

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