Governor vetoed tax on food bill

No Food Tax - SMILE!

Today our Governor Bill Richardson refused to sign an idiotic legislative will in to law, something maybe never done before, a governor opposing the legislature to such an extent. I can only assume in his last leg of governing he no longer cares who he opposes and just decided to do  the right thing. In lieu of the legislature not having managed to levy a tax on alcohol and other luxury items, this tax seems particularly wrong headed. New Mexico has a rather large population of hungry people, many of them kids that get to school without breakfasts. Yes, this is possible in the land of the Americas, the United States, the richest country in the world!

Due to strong lobbying efforts no tax were levied on alcohol or other luxury items. Tax my chocolate if you must. I know it is not a need, but a want of mine and I be willing to pay the extra and even welcome any help to keep my chocaholic in check.  And with the extent of drunk driving in our state I do not understand why a tax on alcohol, that just might make people drink less and act less out of control, did not sail through both the House and Senate? Maybe it was the tortillas that might have fallen under the category of junk food as a white flour product, that got our New Mexican legislators off the track and in defense of their daily fare, losing sight of the bigger goal? Come on, it can not be so hard to agree on what is junk and what is not, even if we have to include the tortillas as wholesome foods. As far as obesity, junk food is not the only culprit, but it is one of them and taxing the donuts and fries seems to me a more then reasonable thing to do in an economic squeeze.

Mind you we had a lot of extra pork these last few years. Oil and other natural resources that gave higher dividends is my meager understanding. So why are we hurting so bad now? Did nobody think of putting some to the side? It's a difficult economy world wide, but that does not justify tax on good  and necessary food.

So, exhilarated I want to cry "long live our Governor" (he often seems to act like a King) who in his almost infinite wisdom chose to do the right thing today - vetoed the tax on food bill. While quietly I think, hooray he listened to me, took my advise and stood in his power as governor and refused to sign in to law a really stupid legislative decision!

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