3 Years with Sumo


Sumo a Yorkie/Poodle/Maltese when he still sported a professionally groomed look, 3 years ago today, on his first visit with us and one week before he joined our pack for good. He felt uncertain as it was time to go to sleep in a new place, but on his bed - not mine!

TJ spending an afternoon

Schnuegge (cute guy) on his first afternoon hanging out in our yard with bones he tackled with vigor, perseverance and single-minded focus. He was then still our neighbor's dog and Schnuegge was my term of endearment before I settled on his most appropriate name, Sumo. A name, I recently discovered to my great surprise, shared with former french president Chirac's 'vicious' Maltese. (After biting the president 3 times that Sumo was abandoned to a farm.) My Sumo is not vicious, but vigorous, be it in tackling bones or wrestling with Isabella almost 3 times his size.


Sumo at the dog park, rebuffed, unable to comprehend why I would not want his muddy paws on me.

Sumo not so long ago at the dog park after an extensive trim by me that brings out his contours nicely in the light of the setting sun.

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