Health Insurance Reform

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This so called reform leaves me cold, for me it means having to come up with insurance cost I can not afford. For the Health Insurance Companies it can only mean more money, a lot more money, as millions will have to join their for profit institutions. I can only hope that this is one step only in the right directions towards universal health care that includes a Public Option. I am happy for those in need that will benefit. I am happy nobody can be turned away any longer because of pre-conditions, and finally I am happy for President Obama and the Democratic Party to have accomplished this. A loss would have been devastating and even more demoralizing.

Michael Moore spoke very eloquently on the issue on Larry King Live:
Andrew Weil hits the nail with this being a Health Insurance Reform.

Myself I have managed to avoid conventional medical care. I take no over the counter medicine, treat my current cold with Echinacea, Vitamin C and Riccola (Swiss candy that soothes the throat.) It works, applied early and frequent enough. My pups got some pest, probably fleas and those too I have treated without pharmaceuticals, mostly Tea Tree oil and natural offensive odors to pests. This too worked, my girl is no longer losing huge clumps of fur and can lie down for extended periods of times without scratching herself and annoying me to no end, but we are not done yet.

I am aware though that I am only one health catastrophe away from total ruin.  This health  insurance reform (termed so correctly seems to me by Dr. Weil) will make the cost of  insurance to self employed individuals like me, that have no pool to join (unaffordable now, mandatory soon) even more expensive! And this is our so-called health care reform? What a strange society I live in, the land of the Americas, the richest country in the world!

Finally, someone please analyze Barack Obama's most interesting signature, I would be curios about their insights.

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