The Sinister Look

The sinister look of our Pretty Kitty is manufactured by me, his eyes in reality are a mild, bright yellow, but he looks great in green I think. Last night my guy stayed out all night. Is it Spring, or his displeasure with the kibble or does he finally have enough of sleeping down in the tiny bathroom with the dogs, instead of up on my comfy bed? He has been hard to please of late and of course does not understand the necessity of isolation in battling our buggers, a pest that has gotten hold of our household, supposedly only Isabella, but I can feel them on me and so can Sumo. Thankfully none but Isabella gotten secondary infections from what are supposed to be host specific Mites. No idea how we brought them home, but the battle, up to 5 hours of cleaning and grooming a day, can be exhausting. I look forward to looking back on this episode in the knowledge that this too did pass. (It did pass. The guy that finally fumigated our home with natural Cedar, after he collected $300 from me, suggested there had been no more pests, but residues only left in my head!)

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