Orchid Misted

My earlier use of the term exuberance got me wondering.
Blossoms must be nature's most exuberant manifestations.
Such lavish extravagance and flamboyant splendor!

Puppy play must come in a close second though.

Exuberance in humans, me, does not mean to bring home flowers (as I had mentioned in my prior post) but may rather be likened to a flowering of Self. I experience my own blossoming when I am present to my Self and  to my world. Demands of my presence, my willingness to be and to feel and to hold a focus of sorts, seem highest when performing, be it in the function of therapist, teacher, student or performance artist. Really, I am thinking of any state of heightened awareness including meditation. But also the considerate conscious adult response to a child's inquiry.

When I perform Aquatic Bodywork, I open up and make myself large and embracing, be it in a therapeutic setting or a learning environment. When I am focused on an inner fluid sensory and emotional landscape, mine and others, when my focus is on dream states, when I follow process, when I listen to what wants to be expressed and especially, when the unexpected happens, that is when I feel most alive and I feel closest to my human potential.

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