Yesterday, shopping at Whole Foods, I found a purple Amethyst rock earring and left it with Customer Service, certain someone will miss it badly and maybe remember to return and ask for it. Today, right outside Whole Foods, I noticed a small plastic bag with 2 buds inside along the side walk. Not smoking or drugging myself, I still had to pick up this treasure to some. Since a band had been playing outside and was packing up, I left that little bag near by in hopes that it would be found by just the right person, the one that can appreciate it's content without getting in to too much trouble. 

I left my pups tethered outside the grocery store (something I do often despite it being illegal in our community) while I got inside to pick up a few items. On my return I found the best of gifts, my Isabella-girl, freely sat and waited near Sumo, the lead attached only to Sumo! Imagine what could have happened with the main drag, Cerrillos Road, near by! Dogs passing by could have excited my girl to run in to traffic! I was so grateful to find her so obediently sitting and waiting rather then roaming the area and getting in to trouble. She is such a good girl and today I feel grateful for this best of gifts of finding my girl waiting for me on her own volition.
Now, if I could find and pick up what I am in dire need of, a new direction in my life, I would have reasons to swoon.

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  1. So glad your girl was safe and stayed put! xoxo