Easter Sunday

I gifted myself with the acquisition of an  Orchid.


The idea of Easter makes me ravenous for signs of Spring and since there are few yet available to us here, where Winter has decided to hold out and hang on, I had to resort to the extensive assortment of Trader Joe's floral selection. Bless them for making flowers once again almost affordable. I justify the expense of my Orchid with the photo ops so obviously inherent in this most exquisite of what has been called an epitome of evolution.

This Easter Sunday actually blessed us with a perfect Spring day that started out warm enough to get out early to the dog park, my pups were in heaven. After so many delayed walks due to my unwillingness to brave the cold, they could barely believe their good luck in being out and about before 9 am and acted rambunctious with Isabella chasing Sumo and Sumo tossing sticks up in to the air out of pure exuberance. 

After a stop at the coffee shop and sitting in the sun with a real cappuccino and a snatched Sunday paper we headed straight back again to our dog park, the best in the country, so I am told. I blame my cough, now in it's 3. week, for my sitting back down again, with feet up, back warmed now by the late morning sun, while facing a calm high desert expanse. 


Secretly I had hoped for something of an epiphany, some big aha, some sign that would guide my way in to a very uncertain future. Nothing of the sort happened, but for a moment I noticed a sublime sense of well being. And then it was time to move on. In my exuberance I splurged and brought home a spectacular Orchid.

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