... give us our daily bike ride

... and give us our daily bike ride, morning and night.

I took this morning for myself, rare,  as usually I do not see the point of going out and about without my two pups in tow. But this morning it was only me on my bike with my Nikon. My favorite shot from this hunt for images is the one I got because without pups in tow, it was easier to get up some steps in order to discover some new vistas of familiar places. This one is of the Pink Adobe Restaurant an infamous, illustrious hang out spot for maybe centuries and a favorite of legislators during legislative sessions held at our nearby Round House, the seat of our New Mexico government.

Notice the faralitos, these pretty lights are no longer limited to Christmas season but these days appreciated all year long. I imagine putting these electric versions on and off high places could be a real pain.

You can also notice on the upper right a tattered ladder, an important symbol in the Native traditions and frequent adornment to homes in our neck of the woods.

This property is for sale, I imagine not cheap either. What I never noticed is the battered wagon wheel on top, like a remnant of the not too distant Wild West.

This picturesque home is a great example of the traditional adobe Pueblo style architecture our town decided to make a name for itself with it! Yep, it was decided to create an intentional style of architecture that echoes Anaszi culture to attract tourists, and it worked. 

These rounded earthen forms seduced my eyes, but in our climate they are also very practical, as the thick walls keep the heat in or out as desired.

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