... and give us our daily bike ride

Isabella is giving me a look of excited anticipation as we pass the familiar red entry where a kind lady treated her extravagantly with not one but several Chicken Jerky treats - years ago! The sweet scent of Wisterias in full bloom lingers in my nostrils. It is my intention to try and capture this lovely, romantic overhang of purple goodness this late afternoon while the rays of sun light are low and soft, but are not too low to leave too much in the shade.
The pale moon near the cross made me stop, offer the pups some water, pull out my Nikon and capture one more image of this most popular photogenic Mission San Miguel, the oldest church in the US.

Me on my bike, my pups running along side it very nicely, we pass by pretty pastels that can look drab and dreary in harsher light.

Having navigated cars and tourists on a narrow street we are taking a well deserved rest and later tumble on the lush green grass that grows in these fancier neighborhoods. My Kona Africa bike serves me well. I am getting used to the back peddling breaks and riding with one gear only. It's not too hard.

Turning to head back home, we stop at the river where we check out our miniscule, but still appreciated waterfall, then follow a long and narrow trail until we eventually get to the plaza. To my surprise new overflowing, lush and varied hanging flower baskets dangle from street lamps for our delight. The city worker had told me that this year he had time to plan the beautification of our city. And I will have to congratulate him to a job very well done. I learned that he used to be the main manager at the Ore  House restaurant right on the plaza. After decades he was let go off due to the economic downturn. Turns out he is happy with his new occupation, the beautification of our City Different, that leaves him busy with plants rather then people and has him working outdoors rather then inside. (In fact the very next day, an early Sunday morning he was there watering the baskets, that qualifies as dedication and a good work ethic in my book, something not be taken for granted, not with any city workers in the world and certainly not our own City Different.)

Meanwhile I am happy with my pups that behave very well running along side my bike. They are not getting distracted and are not endangering my or their lives. They deserve a treat. While I feel blessed to be living in such a picturesque place where a walk or bike ride becomes a feast for the eyes and nourishment for the soul.

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