Not sure I got my priorities straight. It is clear though that the 2000 ladybugs had no problem knowing theirs. I had released all of them exactly according to instructions on the base of my ailing Honeysuckle bush at dusk, not before. I held high hopes for these natural predators of Aphids which have plagued my bush now for the 3. blooming season. What should be pretty blossoms attracting the Hummingbirds devolved again in to a shriveled mess, like a fist that will not let go and open up. These pests have a devastating effect. Usually I do not like calling a living creature a pest as it seems to deny it's right of existence and seems to give it value or lack of it only in terms of human needs and wants. But he world is a lot larger and more varied. Things do not  exist simply for our pleasure and convenience. Yet the devastation to my lovely blooms makes the term pest seem appropriate here to me.

In search of natural non-toxic means I resorted to thousands of Ladybugs, which really is only a small bag full. Odd to have live creatures in my refrigerator, if only for a few hours. Well, the bugs, not the cat, were out of the bag to spend a cool night, too cool to venture far I hoped,  down at the bottom of my  dear Honeysuckle in need of rescue.

Next morning I had great expectations to see a lively swarm of bugs feasting on those pests, but as I said the ladybugs know their priorities. Sex first - feast maybe later! Maybe about 20 of the 2000 bugs seemed in active pursuit of mating, hanging out anywhere but on the Honeysuckle bush. Now all is not lost, their off spring may be the ones that will appreciate a feast of Aphids in roughly 2 weeks, we will see. 

Meanwhile I wonder about those 2000 bugs in a semi state of consciousness,  maybe in my refrigerator, cool and more dormant then awake, unable yet to move about, but maybe sensing those 1999 potential mates. I imagine them sniffing each other out silently and still immobile, trying to get a sneak peak, making preliminary choices as regards attractiveness in potential mates. Oh, the anticipation of an orgy to unfold. Life wants to procreate itself, no ifs and no buts.

But I digressed, my curiosity got peaked with the idea of priorities clearly noticeable in those ladybugs but also in me. Mine of a different nature these days when I time my activities so that more often then not I am out and about walking my pups at sunset, because each and every single one is different and awesome. Yes, the beauty of changing hues fills me with awe, makes me smile, sometimes drop my mouth in wonder and excitement. 

Today, after an overcast late afternoon with heavy winds and a bit of rain, we were blessed not just with one but two rainbows, a double rainbow. While on the other end of the spectrum, the side of the setting sun out west, the sky glowed in a most fantastic silvery shimmery hue that would turn yellowish before slowly dispersing and revealing a bright delicate gray sky with white outlined cloud formations.

Despite mounting bills, today was a day for paying those due and a few overdue, my focus these days is on beauty and that which pleases me. Not sure these priorities of mine are proper, but they do keep me going.

Happy Full Moon, once again!

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