Unhappy Pretty Kitty

With pests (Mites) on my furry ones, I enforce a regimen of keeping them separated from areas in my home as much as possible. Meaning they are (for now) no longer allowed on the furniture, no longer allowed upstairs, and they no longer cuddle, much less sleep with me (each time I start to feel 'kribbely'.)

This has been hard on all of us. But our Kitty is really fed up with spending nights locked in to a tiny bathroom with two dogs that will not cuddle! So he has been staying out for the last few nights, o.k. with me now that it's warmer and we seem to finally be over the freezing temperatures, although  they still drop in to the thirties at night. 

I do worry though when the kitty does not show up in the mornings or evenings and barely eats the food I offer. I am afraid he no longer feels welcome in my home, sadly maybe no longer feels safe with us. Isabella gave him a serious growl the other day when he got too interested in Sumo's canned food rather then his own kibble. It shocked me and I believe the Pretty Kitty.

This kitty has been very fussy with food of late and will refuse kibble  and hold out for the  canned junk food, he must have come to love with a former owner.

He also goes out stalking prey. I did place, reluctantly, a collar with a bell on him, so his hunting efforts may be unsuccessful. Here I finally caught up with him today in the early afternoon and brought him some of his favorite canned junk food and then had a good talking to with him. Hard to explain the necessary restrictions to my furry ones.

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