Not One, but Two Minute Writing Prompt

Which Professions can we do without?

Institutionalized executioners have no role to play in a modern, enlightened society. Away already with the death penalty! Away with outdated, unsophisticated, inhumane ways of treating an offender, no matter how bad, how damaged, how dangerous, how horrendous. When we inflict our rage upon another and act less then with any human's best interest in mind, we damage not just the other, but ourselves and our society and fail to grow psychologically.

Along with executioners, let's do away with soldiers. War's can no longer be won the way they used to. Boundaries no longer exist the way they used to. Psychological growth demands from all of us sophisticated, non-violent methods of processing conflict. Nuclear exchanges can not be an option. Us versus them is an outdated concept. Remember Buffy Saint Marie: The Universal Soldier he really is to blame ....

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