Espanola Nurse LOVES His Islandic Wife

Today I sold my plasma for the third time and made $20 for what almost took 2 hours. The guy, I assume a male nurse that took my vitals told me first to shut my mouth. We both laughed, he had stuck a thermometer on to my tongue and I forgot to close my trap. Maybe that shared laughter prompted him to mention his marriage to "a good wife from Island." My male Hispanic nurse met her of all places in Espanola when he was 45 years old. With great enthusiasm he related that they have been married for 12 years now and that he will never let her go, that she makes for a great wife! I had no time to ask what does make a good wife? Maybe next time I will get a chance to continue this exchange. His enthusiasm though made me not just smile, but gave me hope. Good things happen even when we get older, some relationships may actually work, life can be good, maybe even great!

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