My Ingenuity!

I brought my Begonia that had been sheltered indoors from potentially freezing temperatures out only this past, last day of May. 2 weeks later then our normal frost free date, May 15th. The winds had been real strong, not just for the month of March but all through out May. 

As I wondered how to protect this Begonia from the literally burning, intense sun light of our arid, high altitude desert climate, I had a bright idea. I remembered my Mom's parapluie stored in my closet since her passing, now almost a decade ago. I am very pleased with the result and even more so with connecting the dots, and coming up with a new and workable solution. Something that had not crossed my mind in prior years when this Begonia suffered blistering burns.

My 'Goddess with an Attitude' of course does not mind in the least all the exposure to those to some so damaging sun rays. Rather she reminds me to swoon in the little pleasures that life offers, again and again.

So I wonder what other solutions we might be ignoring right now? What other resources might be lying there in reach, waiting for us, me and you, to remember?

The oil spill comes to mind and our dependence on fossil fuels. Where there is a will there is a way, my Mom used to say. Where is our collective will to get off the merry-go-round and get truly serious about green, renewable power. I suspect that collectively we are right now ignoring solutions that are lying in wait, eager to be employed and experimented with. Solar - and wind energy are so under utilized, it makes no sense at all. 

President Obama was elected on a notion of change and a collective excitement on all that might be possible with a right set of mind frame. We are in dire need of change. Enough of this war mongering already! Let's get to work and use what Americans are so good at, the freedom to go ahead and change what needs changing and create  what needs creating, and be once again at the scientific, technological, philosophical, modern forefront!

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