Shocking Numbers

By the end of June and these first 6 months of 2010, 
I will have driven my van around town for about 800 miles 
which will have cost me about $800!

For gasoline about $200 (fluctuating prices around $3.50/gallon but so far under $4.)
Basic Liability Insurance: $184 in one lump sum for 6 months, more if payed in installments.
(I chosen Progressive at the time because they also insured my scooter, while Farmers did not)
Of course liability only is not good enough, not considering our state's proneness to drunk driving.
AAA Plus renewal due later this month will set me back about $55/1 year ($27.50 for half) a must.
Repairs for this first half year only, limited to the most necessary ones, come to a total of about $300.
Stuck window pulled up 1 hour $95 + (I can not afford to fix the mechanism for now) 
Oil change and battery charge (too little driving!) $140 +
New air filter (way overdue I now realize) about $50 +
Projected Repairs total about $1000
Not included in this accounting are windshield wipe fluids, anti-freeeze, or oil.

And this after only $7000 miles over 3 1/2 years on a replaced engine! Back then I was assured that my van was sound and could run for a long time yet with another engine. It took 3 attempts to set one in. Twice the engine placed by two different mechanics in different shops exploded after just about 1000 miles of driving. Nobody could explain why.  These days I only drive around town, mainly to the dog park and nearby shopping for items too heavy or bulky to carry back home by bike or on foot

I love my van, my snail house (Schneggehuus) my second, mobile home. It  provides me with the most comfortable way of traveling that I know of. Traveling in my well organized  mobile home offers  me and my pups so much freedom and comfort on the road, both very important to us.  
Can I afford to keep on driving my van though?

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