Sour Grapes

Just like too many comments posted do not relate to my posts, but only to ruthless advances of commercial agendas, something most of us despise, these berries of course are not grapes and are not sour either. We used to add them to our grain coffee at our Macrobiotic restaurant. With little color left late in the year these have caught my eyes, especially when illuminated by the early morning or late afternoon sun. 

I do apologize for your inconvenience, the extra hoopla required for now in posting your legitimate comment. I treasure your feedback and contributions and maybe differing angles of views. Please do not let that deter you, sincerely, om.


  1. Curious about the extra hoopla. My Wordpress blog seems to catch all the spam. I've never had to delete any there. But changing blog hosts is like moving to a new country: you have to take so much trouble to tell everybody, to catch up with your lost mail, etc. Lovely picture of whatever those are. You put them in coffee? I can't imagine it.

  2. No I have no intention to change, but my settings. I had them open for anyone to post, not recommended, so as to make it easy, but now the hoopla seems more on my side as I will have to approve posts first, before they appear. In the big scheme of things this is not even a tiny speck. Those berries hold a surprising amount of juice one wonders how they come by it in the arid Southwest desert.