Aquarian Prayer

Barely recovering my breath from the Tucson affairs (taking satisfaction in learning of Rep. Cathy Gifford's healing progress, where now her husband is expected to lead his last expedition out in to space) all hell broke lose in Cairo.

Egyptians had enough and who can blame them making a mere $2/day on the average. Change is inevitable. The peaceful power of the people inspires awe, while the destructive, malicious power of the ruling class, or despot will reveal only in time the full force of it's devastation. Mubarak will have to go. 30 years got to be enough.

Let us hope for a domino effect. Let us see those other US propped up dictatorships lose their hold on power and lose their US support. Let us witness the people elect the leaders of their choice and let us not expect immediately the worst. Let the internet serve us, the people, for the good of all rather then a few. Let the people express their autonomous will. Let there be true democracy. Let the net do it's part to inform the people so they can chose wisely, with knowledge, rather then sentimental longings. Let the internet affect us profoundly, jilt us out of our slumbering ways where we waste our time in pursuit of mere entertainment or absolution from our reality.  Let the wires connect us like the nerves connect us inside our bodies, towards a deeper sense of our humanity. I am in awe of the potential that computers now make available to us. Let us not squander such.

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