Temperatures dipped to the lowest in 40 years, minus 16 degrees, but I managed very nicely without heat. I might mention that the day before my space was warmed for my massage clients. Still it tickled my fancy to make do without. The inside of my glass sliding doors showed some white frost in the morning, but the rather flimsy curtains kept the cold in check.

In fact the cold served me well while defrosting the fridge and leaving the contents of my icebox out for the night. It worked perfectly.

Next day though, still in the thick of a cold spell, we got a request from our utility company to lower   our thermostats voluntarily as there were rolling black outs due to some power failure in neighboring Texas. As if we needed more reasons to despise Texans (Death Penalty and the Bushes, do I need to mention more?) or corporate utility companies. Well service got caught of anyhow, with no advance warning. I assume, I am not sure, lots of folks still use wood burning stoves, I hope.

An animal shelter without heat and water is though no laughing matter. Blessed be all those that rose to the occasion and took home with them some of the 140 animals in need or brought them electric heaters for temporary use. The farmers that did depend on gas to heat their greenhouses never got a warning, so their crops have died, how awful is that. It will take at least 2 months for another crop to mature. Imagine their livelihood gone, just like that, and our food prices up, also just like that!

I hope the Gas Company gets sued, even if it will raise our fees further. Well, as I have said before, my gas heater has been off for decades, I get by mainly with passive solar heat. On an occasional second cloudy day I may employ electric heat. Of course my clients deserve to stay warm, so during their visits I will use heaters. But my bill was only $25 more then regular for last month and still under $60. How is it that China and Germany get most of their energy from solar sources and we in the Land of Enchantment with 300 sunny days a year can not manage to do so?

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