Spa Day

It seemed like a good idea to give my pups their shower and maybe a little trim. Well, it turned out to be a 3 hours affair. Once I started on Isabella, well there was no stopping and I 'schnibbled' away (with tiny nail scissors inherited from my Mom) in places I had never gotten to before, like below her ears, around her cheeks and her neck. Gosh, that girl got an enviable thick lion's mane that thankfully never tangles and keeps her happy in the coldest of weather. It occurred to me only after 2 hours of intense labor that I might have a more advantageous point of view with Isabella up on the table, here for the very first time ever, usually a serious no-no. The sun was out, the birds were chirping as if it was Spring already, but by the time I was done, had enough, even though there seemed no end in sight, the sky was overcast with rain likely. While Isabella was very well behaved and patient with my amateur efforts, and while she did not mind in the least hanging out up on the table, towering above the rest of us, she was pooped from the ordeal and so was I. No I did not fill the pail with her fur, but I got a lot off, even though more could (should?) be done. Some of her pretty curls got sacrificed, but she gained in her ability to see the world clearly. I like grooming others, pets or people. It is such an intimate exchange. I cradled my girl on my lap, just the way I used to do every night, before the other two furry ones joined our household and massaging three bellies became too daunting.

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