In A Quiet Celebratory Mood

It must be canine heaven to race free on trails and across meadows, up on the mountain along a stream in National Forrest, where the rules of society no longer apply, where there is freedom.
The green grass seems to transform both of my pups in to cows, chomping away happily. I do not believe as a remedy for their sick stomachs. They simply seem to like the taste of  juicy green grass, not so easy to come by in our high desert climate where lawns really have no  sane reason for existence.  I am reminded of my surprise in discovering the sweetness of Wheat Grass, an alkalizer to our too often acidic blood stream.

It is Sumo's 6th birthday, but a trip up the mountain was sadly not in the cards. Instead we are in a quiet, celebratory mood. Sumo was overjoyed with our walk out the door by 7 am (earlier then usual.)  They got to explore the nearby park off lead for a change, even though it is illegal and could result in a  hefty fine. Of course Sumo had to immediately check out all the places we usually avoid, such as the kid's playground, where the Squirrels like to hide and the ditch, too close to  the train tracks for my comfort.

A treat even before and while breakfast was being prepared was nothing to sneeze at either. Freshly boiled chicken with sweet potatoes certainly pleased our Isabella-girl, but I am not so sure about our birthday-boy. I had to hand feed him and the kitty the first few bites. Maybe too much of the good and healthy stuff like added Brewer's Yeast, Flaxseeds and Braggs? 

Getting a chance to accompany me on errands, running along side my bike was a definite winner. We have been doing less of that, because I do not like to leave our Isabella-girl behind as she should not stress her joints and has not been running since early Spring. Sumo is such a good boy though, attentive and so obedient and all too eager to exert himself.

Gizzards for dinner were a hit, no doubt. I am not a fan of raw, red meat, but I do understand that some is good for dogs and cats and Sumo looks a bit too skinny to me of late. Maybe all those 12 mile runs with Eric (see below.) Love does go through the stomach, does it not? I am no fan of human-like celebrations for our pets, but believe a bit of extra love, attention and morsels of their liking will go a long way.

It's raining cats and dogs since mid-afternoon, so instead of our evening walk it will be some more cuddling. We need the rain and will not complain. Sumo is great company, very easy to live with, sweet, attentive, non-demanding, very expressive, sometimes impish, mischievous and outright funny.

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