Occupy Santa Fe

In Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street.
We are the 99%
Dr. Lakind, Protester and Activist
Tax Cheat
Dad insisted on attending today's protest.
 Eloquent Jewish Mom
Objects in 3 Billion/Year Aid to Israel 
while Education is threatened with cuts.
Bank of Avarice
Corporate Personhood
Corporations and Congress
Balance the Budget on OUR Backs
 My neighbor Amba
wants corporate money 
out of politics and climate.
I could not agree more.
It's good to have like-minded neighbors.
It's about time people take to the streets!
They are, and not just in Santa Fe,
and not just the young,
or poor, or uneducated ones.


  1. Sorry to see that things are so bad over there that people feel compelled to interrupt their lives and voice their concerns. And I wonder if, in the next twelve months of election build up, the polarisation between the powerful and those who feel that they are powerless will only increase

  2. The US democracy is in a sorry state, especially since corporations now have the rights of people, but not the responsibility, and now are free to basically buy the votes with their contributions and lobbying. The people taking to the streets is not a reason to feel sorry but to rejoice, finally, it is about time!