Occupy Santa Fe Encampment

Since the first demonstration last Saturday, Occupy Santa Fe has spontaneously created and manned an encampment right across the Bank of America. The big tent is stacked with art supplies for the making of signs and holds tables and chairs for peaceful assemblies. Meetings will be held 6 pm every day of this week until the big event next Saturday, October 15th, 10 am at the Round House. This will be an assembly from the people, for the people. No politicians or political parties will be allowed to take over with their agendas. There will be no PA system, but the human mic will be employed, same as it's done on Wall Street, with people repeating each sentence, so as to really take in the spirit and take to heart what is voiced.

Our Major and the police are well aware of these first stirrings of what we hope will be a movement for positive change. They have expressed their support. Will you join in and show your support? People are needed at this camp, day and night. I will be there again tomorrow 4-6 pm and expect to attend the evening meetings this week. I estimate about 50 concerned citizens showed up for today's meeting and I was glad to find myself among a very well functioning, organized, civilized, friendly group of spirited people. Check out this Occupy Together Field Manual.

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  1. Saturday October 15th, 9 am the marchers will leave camp to head toward our state capitol, the Round House where the big day, observed globally, will start at 10 am.

    This will also mean leaving this camp site and a search for a new space to occupy and have the 99% seen and heard.

    My suggestion is our Railyard park a way underused, spectacularly beautiful space.

    Meanwhile don't miss out on occupying your space, claiming your right as a human being with dignity and - needs.