It's about time

What we are witnessing can also be seen as a demand to finally have a conversation we were all supposed to have back in 2008. There was a moment, after the near-collapse of the world's financial architecture, when anything seemed possible. - Guardian

Bring back the troops!
Stop the occupations!
Close military bases across the world!
Why is the US still stationed in Germany?
The free market does not protect the worker.
We need unions!
Universal Health Care for all!
No one in their right mind 
can believe these protests are about Debit Card fees.
 Banks were given bail out money with no strings!
Executives received obscene and immoral bonuses,
while home owners were left to hang and dry.

They have taken homes
through an illegal foreclosure process,
despite not having the original mortgage.

We come to you at a time when corporations -- 
which place profit over people,
self-interest over justice, 
and oppression over equality -- 
run our governments.

Voila, a hotchpotch of slogans
taken off the net, mainly facebook,
not my original thoughts,
but all resonating in my heart.
Weather permitting I will take to the street tomorrow.

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